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About Us

Leon Mintz

Erie Harbor Productions set sail at the end of the 20th Century to deliver unique compelling stories in the 21st Century.

"From here, see the world and beyond..." is the Harbor's motto & commitment.

Coming to port in 2003, Erie Harbor unveiled Deadly Secrets, a novel that explored the old Arthurian fables.

With the spring of 2006, Erie Harbor brought forth Memoir of the Masses. This novel displayed a new, dark, vampire legend called Smoking Mirrors.

And in March of 2008, Mercury Champagne was released. The journey to the Moment between moments came to realization.

Ambrosius Aureliani stood as the feature presentation in November of 2010, carrying the Arthurian legends to staggering heights.

In November of 2016, the second epic in this four-book series called Arthurian Tales shall arrive. Arise Pendragon will showcase the teen years of King Arthur.

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