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Though this page may seem like a leaf floating on a steady stream of Arthuriana, it is meant to be more like the Isle of Avalon in an endless ocean of information.

If one was to randomly search for King Arthur, one may be overwhelmed with listings for the flour to make his bread. Going beyond this regal sustenance, some hunger for something a little less tangible. And for those, the Harbor seeks to provide it.

Gathered here are various beacons that have stood ablaze through the years, and have furnished enlightenment to all that have used them as the valuable reference points they are.

For a general overview from a world-renown institute, one may venture to The Camelot Project sponsored by the University of Rochester.

Jim Donaldson provides an independant repostitory on the subject. At Celtic Twilight, one can view his Arthurian Online Sources. And through the extreme generosity of Christopher Bruce, Donaldson facilitates world wide access to Bruce's book, Arthurian Name Dictionary. This source renders summaries for hundreds of characters that filled Arthurian folklore in the distant past. Abbrievated references at the end of each one allow for original-source examination.

Another endless well of information is The Celtic Literature Collective administrated by Mary Jones.

Christopher Gwinn delivers sharp insight on King Arthur's Pedigree and Lucius Artorius Castus.

Reviewing the overall subject from a different perspective, Arthuriana draws attention to various issues including the importance of Lincolnshire.

Approaching from yet another angle, Robert Vermaat examines other issues that have become entwined with Arthurian folklore at Vortigern Studies and tries to provide the Faces of Arthur.

Above is just a glimpse of the vast information available on the worldwide web in regards to Arthurian Folklore. More importantly though, it is a concise summary of high quality sources.

In the future, Erie Harbor shall provide more of these beacons as they are gathered.


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