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Arthurian Tales Chronology

Arthurian Tales Chronology The chronology that runs through Arthurian Tales has been developed to establish the best possible unity between the various sources. This can be done only to a certain extent. Upon the reviewing the available material, an impasse presents itself rather quickly. The dates that have been provided by Bede and Nennius regarding the coming of the Saxons and Ambrosius Aurelianus contradict each other. Mintz utilizes the dates Nennius complied. It should be noted that only some of the dates from Bede need to be abandon to reconcile it with other sources. The writings of Bede provided essential details for the non-British elements. The theories of noteworthy scholars further temper the timeline of Arthurian Tales. Geoffrey Ashe's view that 'King Riotimus is King Arthur' forms a keystone in this four-book series. Mintz incorporates Professor Ian Wood's points on the episcopate of Bishop Germanus to give more precision to the events in the saint's life. Mintz further refines this chronology with his view on 'The British Appeal to Agitius'. Many may disagree with his interpretation, but due to the appeal's inherent time variance, an alternative explanation does not seem unrealistic.

Arthurian Chronology 421 to 439

421 Agricola became consul. Co-Emperor Constantius died.

421 ~A plague hit Farther Gaul [ and Britain ].

423 Honorius died. Castinus elevated John to emperor against Valentinian III’s claim. Aëtius supported the coup. (Prosper of Aquitaine; Gallic Chronicle of 452)

424 Soldiers in Arles murdered the Prefect of Gaul, Exuperantius of Poitiers, & no authority sought to bring them to justice.

425 An Alan army sent by Theodosius II helped Placidia & Valentinian III to returned to Italy as the recognized Augusta & Caesar.

425 The Alan forces defeated the usurper, John, & established order. Felix became the patrician & master of the soldiers.

425 Placidia pardoned Aëtius & sent him after the Goths besieging Arles.

425 Vortigern held an empire in Britain.

426 (yr2) Barnabus the Tribune killed Bishop Patroclus of Arles.

427 (yr3) Felix waged war upon Boniface. The Vandals entered Africa.

428 Felix became consul. Aëtius recovered part of Gaul near the Rhine from the Franks.

428 The English came to Britain by the request of Vortigern & the British Council.

429 Aëtius became master of the soldiers while Felix remained patrician. Bishop Germanus battled Pelagians & Pagans in Britain.

429 The Saxons left. (Geoffrey of Monmouth, Gildas & Nennius)

429 After Vortimer promised to restore the churches, he died.

429 On May 1st, Hengist & his men massacred many British nobles. (Geoffrey of Monmouth & Nennius)

429 Ambrosius [and Bishop Germanus] marched out against Vortigern, laid siege to him & burned down his fortress.

430 Aëtius put to death Felix, his wife, Padusia, & the deacon, Grunitus.

431 Palladius became the first bishop of the Scots.

432 Aëtius became consul but Boniface replaced Aëtius as the master of the soldiers by the orders of Augusta Placidia.

433 Defeated by Boniface, Aëtius fled to the Huns after retiring. Bishop Germanus became renown for miraculous deeds.

434 Aëtius came under Placidia’s good graces.

435 Tibatto led a peasants revolt in Farther Gaul.

436 Aëtius & his Huns slaughtered Gundahar & the Burgundians. Twelve years from when Vortigern first reigned in Britain, the battle of Wallop took place.

437 Aëtius became consul. Rome waged war on the Goths.

437 Tibatto was captured.

437 Uther [Euthar] & Ygerna conceived Arthur after Eastertide.

438 Arthur was born in the spring.

439 Aëtius lost Carthage to Gaiseric & the Vandals.

Arthurian Tales Chronology 382 to 420

Arthurian Tales Chronology 440 to 454

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