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Deadly Secrets

Deadly Secrets



  by Leon Mintz

13 ISBN: 9780971782808
10 ISBN: 0971782806
Hardcover, p. 362

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Deadly Secrets is an Arthurian-based book.

The novel is about the life of King Arthur's greatest knight before his adventures in Camelot. See what would drive this hero to never forsake his love, again, even if it meant the betraying of a great king.

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The Various Reviews of Deadly Secrets

By Brian Kaufman "Author/Book Lover" - August 10, 2003

Deadly Secrets (Hardcover) Darian de Paimpont is a young squire in Armorica (ancient Gaul, between the Seine and Loire rivers). Darian dreams of marrying Sabrina, the daughter of the nobleman that has raised him. To prove himself, Darian meets a series of challenges, including combat with the Black Giant of Brocéliande Forest, and an encounter with a methane-breathing dragon. But his most difficult challenge lies hidden in the deceptions and secrets of those around him. In the wake of the collapse of the Roman Empire, the noblemen of Armorica struggle to preserve their kingdom. Against this background, the legendary figure of Merlin aids (and manipulates) the efforts of young Darian, who has a secret of his own, one he doesn't even know. This fast-paced novel fits snugly into Arthurian lore, weaving elements of historical fiction, adult romance and fantasy into a tight, well-plotted narrative. The author did his research, and knows how to tell a good story.

By Sylvia M. Hubbard, author - July 5, 2006

Deadly Secrets (Hardcover) -- always a fan of historical fiction and Leon made me an even greater fan. Loved how mystic and magic were weaved into reality making it all feel very real. Thank you!


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