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This dark novella captures the extent a young man, Harvey Wilkes, is willing to go to achieve fame. Read a glimpse of it here.

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The second novel in the Arthurian Tales four-book series, Arise Pendragon continues down the treacherous path revealed at the end of Ambrosius Aureliani.

Young Artorius and Merlinus flee from their home near Aureliani in war-torn Gaul. Soon though, a patrol from the federated army of King Theodoric I intercepts them.

Their struggle to reach Britain leads them through many episodes of legendary status over the span of several years.

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Midwest Book Review calls Arise Pendragon "Exciting, dramatic, and firmly grounded in research and scholarship."

BlueInk Review says "readers are in for a treat, as Mintz invests the story of young Artorius with pathos, offering a different take on the legend–one that's sure to delight fans of the tales of Camelot."

Recently, a new review came in for Arise Pendragon from Kirkus Reviews. The following is stated: "Throughout, Mintz reveals young Artorius to possess an “innate charisma,” which he learns to harness as a leader of men in many battles and across years of travel...

A more mature, battle-weary sequel that should appeal to King Arthur’s most ardent fans."

Foreword Clarion Review states: "A tale of swashbuckling derring-do and challenges aplenty for one of the most famous kings in history, Arise Pendragon is an action-driven tale that will be of particular interest to Arthurian aficionados."

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