Ambrosius Aureliani

Ambrosius Aureliani opens with the birth of King Arthur’s legendary uncle. Read how the White Boar of Cornovia devours the evil-reeking Vortigern.

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Enjoy Ambrosius Aureliani, the first novel in the four-book series called Arthurian Tales.

Book Reviews

Midwest Book Review

The Arthurian legends are not about Arthur alone. “Ambrosius Aureliani” tells the story of King Arthur’s uncle who has his own epic of the British isles to tell, of his own struggles for justice. For those with a love for fantasy and Arthurian lore, “Ambrosius Aureliani” is certainly a choice pick with plenty to entice readers to read further.

Julia Ann Charpentier,  ForeWord Clarion Review

Though the book stands on its own, this tale has all the attributes of a prolonged saga with treacherous battles and territorial disputes. The scenes are filled with action and intrigue, usually gripping in their intensity.

Jim Donaldson, Celtic Twilight

Mintz’ story spans the lands from the British north to the very heart of crumbling Rome itself.  He draws the history of the conflicts tightly around the legend, like a bright red Roman cloak, dipped in the blood of battle and the poison of intrigues.