Arise Pendragon

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Arise Pendragon tells of the turbulent teenage years of Artorius (the legendary King Arthur).

War tears apart Gaul. Young Artorius and Merlinus flee from their home near Aureliani. Soon though, a patrol from the federated army of King Theodoric I intercepts them.

Their struggle to reach Britain leads them through many episodes of legendary status. These adventures span many years, showcasing his lose of Guinevere and his rise to glory.


Midwest Book Review calls Arise Pendragon “Exciting, dramatic, and firmly grounded in research and scholarship.”

Kirkus Reviews states the following: “Throughout, Mintz reveals young Artorius to possess an “innate charisma,” which he learns to harness as a leader of men in many battles and across years of travel…

A more mature, battle-weary sequel that should appeal to King Arthur’s most ardent fans.”

Foreword Clarion Review states: “A tale of swashbuckling derring-do and challenges aplenty for one of the most famous kings in history, Arise Pendragon is an action-driven tale that will be of particular interest to Arthurian aficionados.”