Arthurian Tales

Arthurian Tales is a four-book series. The fifth-century hangs as a backdrop for these epics. Laid out upon their shields, each Arthurian Tale showcases an alternative, but true-to-the-source look at this legendary theme. Many may disagree with the author’s interpretation. This is expected. The Arthurian legends have a way of molding to one’s personal beliefs. So, please do not fault Mintz for having an opinion, but freely scorn him if he strays from them. And as such, the author dares to address the simple, but subjective question.

Who was Arthur?

And the answer is: (as portrayed in Arthurian Tales by Leon Mintz)

Arthur was the grandson of the self-proclaimed restorer of Rome, King Adaulphus of the Visigoths, and Empress Placidia.

Arthur lived and died in the fifth century. By the requests from various nobles, Arthur weighed out justice and bled the wicked dry. Across the Roman Empire and beyond, Arthur waged war as a glorious battle lord.

Ambrosius Aureliani chronicles the life and death of King Arthur’s legendary uncle.

The series continues with the turbulent teenage years of Artorius in Arise Pendragon.

Going into the third novel, Artorius risks his British lordship and lands to defend Romanitas.

The finale of Arthurian Tales, Artorius show why he was so legendary.

In the meanwhile, Leon Mintz has made available the following research papers for free.

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