Arthurian Tales Chronology

Arthurian Tales Chronology The chronology that runs through Arthurian Tales has been developed to establish the best possible unity between the various sources. This can be done only to a certain extent. Upon the reviewing the available material, an impasse presents itself rather quickly. The dates that have been provided by Bede and Nennius regarding the coming of the Saxons and Ambrosius Aurelianus contradict each other. Mintz utilizes the dates Nennius complied. It should be noted that only some of the dates from Bede need to be abandon to reconcile it with other sources. The writings of Bede provided essential details for the non-British elements. The theories of noteworthy scholars further temper the timeline of Arthurian Tales. Geoffrey Ashe’s view that ‘King Riotimus is King Arthur’ forms a keystone in this four-book series. Mintz incorporates Professor Ian Wood’s points on the episcopate of Bishop Germanus to give more precision to the events in the saint’s life. Mintz further refines this chronology with his view on ‘The British Appeal to Agitius’. Many may disagree with his interpretation, but due to the appeal’s inherent time variance, an alternative explanation does not seem unrealistic.

Arthurian Tales Chronology – 382 to 420
382 ~After the British soldiers raised Maximus up as emperor, he halted the invasion of Picts & Irish.
383 Maximus crossed to Gaul & killed Emperor Gratian near Lyons.
388 Valentinian and Theodosius killed Maximus three miles outside of Aquilea.
391 ~ Temples in Alexandria, including the ancient one of Serapis, were destroyed.
405 ~ Stilicho removed troops from Britain to fight Radagaisus at Fiesole.
406 Various Germanic tribes crossed the Rhine nearly unopposed.
406 The British raised Marcus to supreme power. Soon, they killed him & elevated Gratian in his stead.
407 After six months, the British executed Gratian. Constantine took his place.
407 Soon, Constantine took his army to Gaul to validate his claim.
408 Saxons laid waste to Britain.
409 The British expelled the imperial magistrates from the island.
410 British cities received the Rescript of Honorius.
410 The Goths sacked Rome and Princess Placidia became a hostage.
411 Adaulphus became the Gothic king.
411 Imperial forces killed Constantine in Arles. Jovinus usurped the Gallic imperial government.
411 The British appealed to Agitius [Agroetius] for help.
412 The Gallic people removed the magistrates from their offices.
412 Conscripted, Germanus became the bishop of Auxerre.
413 Jovinus the usurper was killed. Pelagius declared the Doctrine of free will.
413 ~Enormous famine hit Gaul [and Britain].
414 King Adaulphus (Athaulf) married Princess Placidia.
414 Their baby boy died in Barcelona and was buried in a silver coffin.
415 A servant named Dubius murdered King Adaulphus.
416 Goths traded Placidia to Rome for grain. Palladius became consul.
417 ~Asclepius toppled the statue of Mt. Etna.
418 Council of Carthage condemned free will.
418 The heir of the Western Roman Empire, Valentinian III, was born.
418 Agricola served as the praetorian prefect of Gaul.
418 Honorius established the Gallic Council of the Seven Provinces.
420 Constantius held his third consulship and became co-emperor.