Arthurian Tales Chronology – 440 to 454

440 Deacon Leo restored peace between Aëtius and Albinus.
441 ~Bishop Germanus went to Britain and formally condemned more Pelagian heretics.
441 ~Afterwards, he helped the son of Elafius. The Saxons subjugated the British provinces. Aëtius gave Farther Gaul to the Alans.
442 ~Bishop Germanus parlayed peace with King Goar and vowed to get it imperially endorsed.
442 ~Bishop Germanus died while in Ravenna.
442 ~Bishop Germanus received an imperial funeral procession back to Auxerre.
443 Pope Leo had great piles of books seized and burned in the city of Rome.
444 Albinus became consul.
444 By ways of Cain, Attila took his kingship from Bleda the Hun.
446 With no true contemporary fan-fare, Aëtius held his third consulship.
446 ~Majorian and Aëtius battled King Clodio of the Franks at the Scythian wedding [of King Goar who died.]
448 ~Attila received the sword of Ares from a herdsman.
450 Placidia died.
451 Attila assaulted Aureliani, a city of Gaul.
454 Valentinian the third killed Aëtius.